Dietician / Nutritionist

South Brighton and Aldinga Beach, SA

A Dietician/Nutritionist will help you identify the relationship between nutrition, food choices and health problems.

Poor nutrition or food choices can lead to a wide array of health conditions such as fatigue, depression, hormone imbalance, irritable bowel, allergies, weight problems, skin conditions and headaches. Good nutrition must be given serious consideration. Indifference to its vital role will lead to imbalances and eventually be seen as a system of poor health. Environmental influences such as pollution, chemicals and stress will accelerate this imbalance and disease may result. An individuals’ exposure to these influences needs careful consideration to evaluate what specific nutritional requirements are needed to positively affect ones health.

Increased nutritional demands in our current climate are due to the ever increasing stress and pollution (including electromagnetic/wireless/social media stress). Body toxicity and dietary and environmental habits need regular evaluation because consumption of poor food, alcohol, medications, increased intake of hydrogenated, processed fats and chemical exposure cause rapid oxidation, immune responses and metabolic changes of our body tissue.

Lowered food quality is another reason nutrition is so important in our advanced world:

Agricultural Methods - Chemical fertilisers and rapid turnover of crops leads to depleted soils in which we and our farmers grow our food. The use of greenhouse growing and U.V lighting may also reduce the quality and vitality of the food produced this way.

Harvesting - Food is picked unripe for extra storage time. Nutrients are lost due to storage and unripe harvesting.

Food Processing - This strips our foods of their nutrients due to extraction, heating and packing methods. Preservatives and additives also take valuable nutrients from our bodies to neutralise and eliminate these chemicals.

Food Preparation - Food preparation time is decreasing. Balanced home cooked meals are being replaced with highly processed and fast food.

Basic healthy eating may give you better health, however and individualised program can give you optimum vitality, clarity, energy, motivation and maybe even tolerance and patience!

It is an important emphasis to guide nutrition to an individuals’ unique needs. These requirements may change and alter over time due to life changes, environment, metabolic or genetic conditions, ageing and seasonal change. To stay on the same nutrition and specific food choices over long periods of time, without change, is not ok! Samantha evaluates each individuals’ unique nutritional needs and will design a treatment programme to suit your personal requirements that you can manage and change over time. Regular individual analysis is imperative to evolve into a healthier, vibrant you.

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