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It is important not to self-medicate. Do not assume just because herbs are of natural origin that they are safe. It is important to consult with a health professional for advice.

There is nothing new about the use of herbs to promote recovery, health and wellbeing. Every culture throughout the world has at some point used healing plants as the basis for its medicine. For thousands of years plants have demonstrated their efficacy as healing agents. In fact, modern medicine has its roots in the use of herbs. Until about sixty years ago nearly all the entries in pharmacopeia’s describing the manufacture of drugs indicated a herbal origin. For the first time since they dropped out of mainstream medicine behind the rush of new pharmaceuticals in the early 20th century, herbal medicines are a genuine addition to professional health care. Approximately 70% of medical doctors in Germany prescribe herbal products. In Europe the use of herbal medicine products are an integral part of the medical system.

Herbal medicines can be used for the safe alleviation of illness but this is not the only way to use these plants. Herbs can be used to support your health, enabling you to restore and maintain your personal peak of vitality and prevent disease development. Just as food supplies us with our nutritional needs, herbs also play a fundamental role in the maintenance of health and prevention of disease, they assist detoxification, elimination, and support the immune system.

As practitioners of holistic medicine we see health as a positive state, not just as an absence of disease. Samantha will educate you on prevention of disease and promotion of a healthy lifestyle. In holistic medicine individuality and responsibility are crucial factors. There is an emphasis on the uniqueness of the individual and the importance of tailoring every treatment to meet your different needs and circumstances.

Currently scientific research is evaluating risks, quality and the safety of herbal medicines. There has been a growing media and medical focus on the safe manufacture of herbal products, with evidence that some may not be exactly what the label states. A commitment to quality needs to include rigorous sourcing and testing of raw materials, in-depth research and development of herb active constituents and up to date manufacturing and extraction processes. Quality assurance of herbs is critical and includes testing for specified active constituents, microbial levels, extraneous matter, pesticides and herbicides and heavy metals. These stringent testing regimes guard against substitution of species, adulteration of herbs and poor quality of herbs. Herbs can vary enormously in quality and this means the effect you feel can vary enormously. These testing procedures allows you to be reassured that the products given contain exactly what it says on the label, free from contamination.

Samantha’s prescriptions and treatments maintain commitment to quality and continued improvements. She only uses herbal medicines that have been subject to this rigorous testing, ensuring a high quality product. The current shift toward scientific research and controlled studies of herbs provides optimum treatment solutions by combining the wisdom of traditional knowledge with clinical experience.

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